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Participants of this theme are mostly members of the "Combinatorics and Algorithmics" team.

Permanent staff

Olivier Beaumont
Scheduling, resoyurce allocation, parallel algorithms, combinatorial optimization
Nicolas Bonichon
Maps, Bijective Combinatorics, geometric graphs
Arnaud Casteigts
Dynamic networks, distributed algorithms, temporal Graphs, movement synthesis
Pierre Castéran (team Formal Methods)
Proof of algorithms, certification of algorithms, Coq
Philippe Duchon
Exact and asymptotic enumeration, Random generation
Lionel Eyraud-Dubois
Parallel computing, scheduling algorithms, combinatorial optimization
Cyril Gavoille
Distributed computing, graph algorithms (distributed or not), compact routing, distance labeling, distance oracles, spanners, graph minor theory, small-world, quantum information
Nicolas Hanusse
Distributed computing, dynamic networks, compact routing, graph exploration, visualisation, datamining
David Ilcinkas
Distributed computing, mobile agents computing
Colette Johnen
Distributed computing, self stabilising algoritms, fault tolerant algorithms
Ralf Klasing
Graph theory for (mobile) networks, graph algorithms, identifying codes.
Sofian Maabout (team Mabiovis)
Distributed Data Bases, visualisation, datamining
Alessia Milani
Distributed computing, multicore architectures, dynamic networks
Yves Métivier
Distributed computing, distributed algorithms, probabilistic algorithms, local computation
Mohamed Mosbah (team Formal Methods)
Proof of distributed algorithms, security, graph transformation
Mike Robson
Distributed computing, distributed algorithms, probabilistic algorithms, graph algorithms
Nasser Saheb-Djahromi
Distributed computing, distributed algorithms, probabilistic algorithms
Corentin Travers
Distributed computing, coordination, fault tolerance, shared memory
Akka Zemmari
Distributed computing, distributed algorithms, probabilistic algorithms, security, machine learning

Non permanent staff

Previous Members

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